Resilience comes from overcoming adversity

Sometimes we do things in life we don’t necessarily want to through obligation, guilt or maybe respect. Sometimes we don’t do things because of fear, neglect or indifference.

Adversity comes in many forms, in various situations, for teenagers and parents. As testing as these times can be, this is exactly what they are – a test. Do what you have to do to pass and you will see that adversity is just a hurdle to jump, a challenge to overcome. Adversity will make you resilient – it will help you do things better and to achieve things you may never have thought possible. It is times when we stand up under pressure and put all else aside to complete a task that we will remember and be remembered for.

We can be vulnerable and sensitive when we are exposed to challenging events, but by building resistant sturdy armour and developing a growth mindset we become stronger, adaptable and better equipped to face and buffer these events, This can provide us with a sense of purpose, but also, more importantly, a ray of hope.

If you have a teenager and you are willing to develop your resiliency with your child then take a look at our Resilience for Teens program.

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