Building Resilience

Building resilience buffers adversity

Of all the things we experience in our lives, nothing defines our character more than the way we respond to setbacks and adversity. Challenges and disruptions to our daily life and routines are inevitable. Everyone is faced with these at some point in their life. How often have you looked at someone’s unfortunate situation and been grateful it’s not you? But at some point in time, everyone will need to deal with a situation or circumstance that hasn’t gone to plan.

Building resilience enables us to buffer adversity and curb our doubts. To do this we must deliberately and consciously rebuild our positive self-belief by altering our behaviour and our thoughts. That self-doubting inner voice must be replaced with positive self-talk. Conscious and intentional thoughts must be repeated until they become habitual and believable. When this is achieved, our self-belief grows and those around us start to believe in us more. We develop confidence in our ability and possibilities.

Building resilience activities

Resilience is best learnt through experience and doing. Whilst there is a place for theory and classroom-based learning, nothing builds resilience better than actively practising the strategies and techniques that work. This is difficult to achieve in our everyday environment with all of life’s usual distractions. Getting immersed in an undistracted and remarkable environment is key when it comes to building resilience – especially for children and teenagers.

At the conclusion of our 2017 Resilience for Teens Everest Base Camp Program, we interviewed all participants. In the video above, we hear the responses from five young people. We asked them, “How do you feel this experience might help you with future challenges in your life?” Their answers may surprise some but they were no surprise to us. After successfully completing a 2-week journey to Everest Base Camp and return with their parents, these kids had all achieved some amazing things. They had all tapped into and witnessed their limitless potential on countless occasions throughout the program. The skills, strategies and insights they gained were profound and life-influencing. (Watch more videos from this program)

building resilience

Resilience for life

At some point in their life, everyone will face their own setbacks or adversity. How each person responds will be different, but one key element to coping is having the resilience to do so. We can often be sensitive to challenges and disruptions when they occur. By building resistant and sturdy armour, we become stronger and more equipped to repel these challenges. This can provide us with a sense of purpose. More importantly, it gives us the confidence to deal with our setbacks and know we can overcome them.