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More about trust than about us

Trust doesn’t, and shouldn’t, come easily.

When you consider a resilience program for your family, your students, or your staff, you trust us to look after them. That we’ll do what we say we’ll do.

It’s time to gain a little insight into the resilience experts you’ll work with.

"Each of them are special people, entirely focused on getting the best outcomes..."

Jarrod, Resilience for Teens parent and participant

We practice what we preach.

Our facilitators have extensive experience in resilience training and are all resilience experts. We’ve helped AFL and Olympic athletes reach peak performance, and kids as young as twelve trek to Everest Base Camp.

Of course, professional experience is something you expect. And our team has it in spades.

At a personal level, we’ve each needed to draw on the resilience techniques we teach to cope with difficult times.

These experiences are a source of deep empathy, kindness, and motivation to help others face their own inevitable challenges.

Meet our resilience experts

David Buttifant

David Buttifant

Resilience and high-performance coach. Coach to elite AFL and Olympic athletes, Doctor in Exercise Physiology, and founder of the N.I.C.K. Foundation.

Nick Farr

Nick has led and coached more than 1000 people in high-altitude environments and has climbed many of the world’s highest mountains including Mt Everest.

Anita Tesoriero

Anita Tesoriero

Anita is a psychologist, coach and facilitator. Her expertise lies in organisational development, cultural change, leadership and employee engagement.

Libby Barnes

Libby Barnes

Educator and facilitator. Libby is a teacher, counsellor and Master in Student Welfare and Guidance. She is a leader in building resilient school communities.

Tika Tamang headshot

Tika Tamang

High-altitude guide. Two-time Mt. Everest summiteer and head of our Nepal team. The epitome of resilience, mental strength, humility and patience.

Zoe Lazaridis

Zoe Lazaridis

Facilitator. Zoe completed her Honours in Psychology, graduating from La Trobe University in 2019.

Jess Jordan

Facilitator. Jess holds a Master of Counselling and Bachelor of Psychological Science. Jess is passionate about working with young people to support them in reaching their full potential.