At a glance

  • 4 x 3-hour workshops over 12 weeks, or
  • Full day workshop with four-week check-in session
  • Covers the four elements of improved performance
  • At your preferred location
  • Suits teams or departments of 5-25 people

What to expect

Workshops are a fantastic way to lay the foundation for resilience building and performance building experiences.

Your workshop is split into four modules, each a vital component of higher performing teams and individuals.

resilience builders workshops


Your workshop will be facilitated by someone who has thrived at the highest level in their field.

Former AFL and Olympic high-performance coach David Buttifant, or Everest summiteer Nick Farr, will work with your team to lay the foundation for high-performance.

Workshops are just the beginning

At Resilience Builders we strongly believe that life-shaping resilience – the kind that endures – can only be built in a challenging, yet supportive environment.

Think of a workshop as a way to learn about resilience rather than build resilience. The learning is valuable. The experience is invaluable.

To illustrate this point, take a look at the picture below and ask yourself, which team is building resilience?

building resilience

Discover our Resilient Leaders programs in Tasmania and the Everest Region.

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