Trip Information Resources - Nepal

Congratulations on choosing a wonderful adventure in Nepal! At Resilience Builders, we want you to enjoy an unforgettable experience. For us, that begins well before you depart – and of course, only finishes when you’re back in Kathmandu after the experience of a lifetime.

So we’ve created this as your Trip Information Resources page. You can return here at any time as a ready reference for what you need to know or do in preparation for your trip. We’ve set out the information as a checklist so you can work through it more easily.

1. Checklist before you depart
  • Complete your online Pre-Departure Survey (5 months before program start date)
  • Return your Medical Declaration (5 months before program start date)
  • Read your Program Information Kit (5 months before program start date)
  • Get your immunisations (4 months before program start date)
  • Get your Nepal visa (3 months before program start date)
  • Pay your program balance (2 months before program start date)
  • Familiarise yourself with your program (1 months before program start date)
  • Pack your things (1 week before program start date)

1. Complete your Pre-Departure Form

To complete your online survey, simply click on the link below and enter the password ‘tamang’

2. Return your Medical Declaration

Download the form below. Print, complete and sign (you and GP/medical professional), scan and return it by email to [email protected].

  • Medical Declaration

3. Read up about your trip and travelling in Nepal

4, Immunisations

You should consult your GP or travel doctor and arrange your immunsations through them.

5. Get your Nepal Visa

Ensure you arrange your Nepal visa with plenty of time to spare. Simply download and complete the following form.

6. Pay your program balance

Simply login to your dashboard to pay off your program balance. Once paid off, you’ll be emailed a receipt.

7. Familiarise yourself with your program

Take another look at the overview, itinerary and map for your trip. You’ll find your trip and this information on the program page you originally booked your trip through.

8. Clothing, equipment and packing

You’ll find detailed information about what to bring in your Trip Information Kit (download above). That includes the kind of clothing and equipment you should bring. Experienced travellers going into a new environment often trial pack at least once a couple of days before their day of departure. This process allows you to test baggage weights and make decisions about what you really need. You’ll thank us for it!

9. See you in Kathmandu (your flight details!)

Greeting you at Kathmandu International Airport with transport to your hotel is our first small way of showing you how much we care about your experience in Nepal – from the moment you arrive! So we can be there, you’ll provide us with your flight details in your Pre-Departure Form. Please remember that if your flight arrival details change – and to guarantee that you’ll still be collected at the airport by Resilience Builders staff – you’ll need to inform us by emailing your new arrival details to [email protected] at least 72 hours before you depart.