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Resilience Builders Reviews

James Gourley
James Gourley
17. February, 2022.
The boys at Resilience Builders put together a great program which is challenging, inclusive and fun. Hope I get to do more with them in the future.
Hugh Christiansen
Hugh Christiansen
16. February, 2022.
David, Nick and Ben are highly engaging and experienced professionals to lead you through an amazing trip. I got a lot more than I expected out of it. A bit of pain, a bit of honesty, a bit of courage and a whole lot of fun. I have already recommended the program to friends and colleagues as the self-learnings and skills I gained are a serious game changer!
Wendy Scaife
Wendy Scaife
16. September, 2021.
Interesting and empowering session. Very doable timewise and worth that time to pick up some pragmatic tips as an individual and a team leader.
Suzi Hyland
Suzi Hyland
14. May, 2021.
Nic and Dav have an authentic and challenging voice that they use to connect with young people. When they left, our students were inspired and motivated to tackle their senior years of schooling with confidence. Thanks for visiting Padua College. Please come back again. Suzi Hyland - Leader of student wellbeing programs.
Kaylene Williams
Kaylene Williams
3. May, 2021.
Everyone can learn to be more resilient. Nick and David at Resilience Builders are passionate, supportive and insightful. They encourage participation without judgment or restraints. I'd highly recommend resilience training to anyone.
Francoise Ballard
Francoise Ballard
29. April, 2021.
The Resilience Builders Family Program was an amazing experience to take the time out with my teen, explore the beauty of Cradle Mountain and learn about our key strengths and how to manage resilience through practical experience. The guides and program facilitators helped us both mentally and physically and with my daughter we learned a great deal about ourselves as well as each other. Highly recommend this program.
Shannon Wight
Shannon Wight
27. April, 2021.
An incredible experience with my teenage daughter in one of the most amazing environments Australia has to offer. David, Nick and the RB team delivered on their commitment to each of the families to achieve a physical and mental challenge through a shared goal and their expertise in safely guiding us up and down Cradle Mountain. The reward for all of was achieving the outcome with our children and each other. The trust that was formed then enabled lots of fun and open discussion with the group in all other activities throughout our stay. Highly recommended to all parents and children to take some time to be together, off the grid and allow the Resilience Builders to weave their magic
Jason Fraumano
Jason Fraumano
28. March, 2021.
David and Nick were very impressive and provided a thoughtful and engaging resilience course for our group that provided them with a new skill set that the group can use in both their personal and professional lives.
Belinda Lees
Belinda Lees
28. December, 2020.
The students selected to actively participated in the Resilience Builders program demonstrated a significant improvement in their visible high performance behaviours including but not limited to organisation, motivation, work ethic and their ability to adapt & cope; namely resilience. David, Nick & their team have been flexible, understanding, reliable & responsive moreover, they have been incredibly wonderful to work with and our school is sincerely appreciative of the working relationship we have forged with them. We will be continuing our schools engagement with their services into the future.
Belinda Burley
Belinda Burley
1. December, 2020.
In one of our most challenging years to date the Resilience Builders program provided tools and strategies for my workforce to cope and thrive in the unfamiliar work environment post COVID. The real and tangible data through surveys, engagement and exercises showed significant uplift in all four pillars of resilience. Delivered in 1 hour workshops weekly, my team found the program engaging and relevant. David, Nick and Dan did a great job tailoring the program specific to the needs of group & most importantly the things they learnt were life skills that are relevant in both work & personal. I would recommend the Resilience Builders program to any staff at any time, and even more particularly in these challenging times. Massive thank you to David, Nick & Dan for all your support.

A high-performing team starts with a chat.

Resilience training isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s a logical business decision.

When your staff learn how to cope with stress and anxiety they take less sick leave and improve their performance.

But people are more than a resource. And they talk. A tailored resilience program builds your reputation as an employer of choice. And it will help you attract and retain quality staff (and cut recruitment costs).

We offer a range of resilience training for your staff including workshops, national and international trips.

Your staff will learn:

  • Stress management
  • Health and wellbeing strategies
  • The secrets of high-performing teams
  • Ways to cope with anxiety

Want to find out more about how we can help your organisation? Arrange a free discovery session to see how we can tailor a program to suit your organisation.

Your people are your best asset. Show them the way.

How we build resilient staff
(and businesses)

Resilience helps lessen the impacts of stress, anxiety, and depression. Our resilience programs work because we ask something of your team. Here are our five ‘must-haves’ for building resilience.


You’ll commit some time and effort in the lead-up to your program. This improves your likelihood of success.


The successful outcome of a resilience-building activity can’t be pre-determined or guaranteed. Moving toward the discomfort of uncertainty (and risk) is how you get growth. Confronting uncertainty and applying proven stress management techniques is how you create all-important life reference points.


Whether it’s physical exertion, emotional vulnerability or perceived social standing, you have to give something of yourself to push through challenging situations.

New environment

It’s worth repeating: resilience loves uncertainty. The outdoors has it in spades. You can learn about resilience indoors. You build resilience outdoors.


No mobile phones, no laptops, no Wi-Fi. You will live in the moment.

Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Our resilience training can help your team build lasting resilience.

Free discovery session.

A discovery session with one of our world-class facilitators will explore the challenges your staff face and figure out the best ways to overcome them as well as choose a location and set of activities that best suit your business. A session runs for about 30 minutes and can be done over the phone, via video conference, or face-to-face.

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