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Follow Us Live

At Resilience Builders we love communications technology and we regularly use it to enhance the adventure experience for our clients. We now use our Follow Us Live technology on all our Nepal programs.

So how does it work and where do you find it?
Visit our homepage and you’ll see the Follow Us Live icon on the top right-hand side of the page. Click this icon and you’ll arrive on our Follow Us Live trip page. This page is the URL you should share with people that want to follow one of our programs  This is to provide for situations where we have more than one program happening at the same time thus a selection will need to be made from the list of the programs that are currently running.

After selecting the program you want to follow, you’ll be directed to a screen that looks like the image above, which incorporates a Google Map. (You can toggle between the map and satellite view with the buttons on the top left-hand side of the map)

Added Safety
Follow Us Live technology brings a unique interactive experience of your adventure to those that want to follow your journey in real-time. But the additional safety benefit this technology provides is significant. In October 2014, lives were lost and many tourists remained unaccounted for for many days after a Himalayan snowstorm engulfed a large section of the popular Annapurna Circuit.

Our Follow Us Live technology provides us with real-time GPS coordinates of our groups. In short, we know the exact location of our people in the mountains at any given time. With the location of our people known, efforts to find and evacuate them could immediately be concentrated in the right areas. Time becomes critical when people are missing in cold, high altitude environments. Our Follow-Us-Live technology provides us with the ability to pinpoint the exact location of our groups in real-time.