resilience for teens

At Resilience Builders we never take short-cuts. Especially when it involves your safety or the safety of our staff. Our #noshortcuts policy also helps to explain why our programs aren’t the cheapest on the market.

When you participate on a program with us you get the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing we have a 100% safety record? (Our safety record is no surprise really when you consider the calibre of our trip leaders and guides).  In Nepal, we also use GPS tracking on all of our programs so friends and family can follow the progress and real-time position of their loved ones while they are out in the mountains. The meals we provide are healthy and nutritious, the facilities and accommodation the best available.

When you travel to Nepal you need to know you’re in safe hands. We invite you to ask us any of the following questions:

  1. Can Resilience Builders tell me about their safety record?
  2. How would Resilience Builders respond if something goes wrong?
  3. If we encounter an emergency out in the mountains, how will my trip leaders and guides respond?
  4. How well does Resilience Builders know the trip leaders and guides it employs?
  5. What is the success record of Resilience Builders?
  6. Does my program itinerary allow for common delays (e.g. bad weather, flight delays, illness) so that I have the best possible chance of achieving my program goals?
  7. Does my program include unlimited meals and fluids? Plenty of food and fluids is critical to an effective and safe acclimatisation process.
  8. Does Resilience Builders provide hygienically prepared healthy (and fresh) meals 3 times a day plus snacks?
  9. Does Resilience Builders ensure the water they provide me has been boiled for at least 15 minutes?
  10. Does Resilience Builders have an easy to contact representative in Australia or Nepal that can quickly put me in touch with someone at home in the event of an emergency?
  11. Does Resilience Builders have an easy to contact representative in Australia or Nepal that my family or friends can call if they need to get an urgent message to me?
  12. Do Resilience Builders employ “Follow-Us-Live” technology so that my friends and family at home can easily follow my trip progress and know that I’m safe?
  13. Does Resilience Builders continually invest in the welfare, education and development of its Nepalese workers? Can Resilience Builders tell me how they invest in and take care of their people?
  14. Does Resilience Builders have an active online community that will help me answer – without bias – any questions I might have about my upcoming program in Nepal?
  15. Does Resilience Builders have great testimonials from previous customers?

I’m sure you can see what we’re getting at. In a nutshell, Resilience Builders is much more than just a company running resilience development programs in Nepal.