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Resilience helps you manage stress and reduce anxiety. Our resilience training programs teach you how to build your resilience so you can cope with life’s crap and live a happier life.

Webinars and workshops – Our resilience programs teach you evidence-based ways to build your resilience and make healthy habits stick.  

Outdoor experiences – Immersed in an unfamiliar place doing unfamiliar things, you’ll fast-track your progress and learn resilience techniques for life.

Measurable results – The effectiveness of your resilience training is proven and measurable with our unique Resilience Self-Assessment Tool.

Resilience training programs

Company programs

Help your team manage stress and improve their performance under pressure.

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School programs

Help your students cope with pressure, build resilience and live your school’s values.

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Family programs

Help your child grow their self-esteem, resilience and connection with you.

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Proven results

Your resilience is measurable with our unique
Resilience Self-assessment Tool.

Resilience and reference points

“I did that, so I can get through this.”

Our resilience training programs give you knowledge and experience that creates a reference point.

When life throws up a challenge, this reference point is something you can look back on and say “I did that, so I can get through this.”

Your reference point might be a workshop filled with practical ways to reduce stress and create healthy habits. Or an outdoor program with challenges overcome every day.

Reference points give you confidence. No matter how bad things get, you know you can get through.

Resilience Builders Reviews

Free discovery session

A discovery session with our world-class facilitators reveals the nitty gritty of what you’re trying to achieve. And it helps focus our collective efforts on the important stuff. We’ll listen, ask questions, and deliver a resilience training program proposal for you to consider.

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    What they said

    • If you have a new team under your leadership and this team needs to get to know each other quickly and learn how to work together effectively, with trust, this program is the one you should look at.

      Scott Dawes, Adobe Director of Sales
      Resilience For Teams, Blue Mountains
    • I would recommend the Resilience Builders program to any staff at any time, and even more particularly in these challenging times.

      Belinda Burley, Telstra Head of Customer Management
      Resilience for Teams - Webinar Series
    • David and Nick were very impressive and provided a thoughtful and engaging resilience course for our group that provided them with a new skill set that the group can use in both their personal and professional lives.

      Jason Fraumano, Clinical Labs, National Human Resources Manager
      Resilience for Teams - Webinar Series
    • Interesting and empowering session. Very doable timewise and worth that time to pick up some pragmatic tips as an individual and a team leader.

      Wendy Scaife, Associate Professor/Director, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies - Queensland University of Technology
      Resilience for Teams - Webinar Series
    • I can highly recommend the Resilience Builders program delivered by Dr David Buttifant and Nick Farr, for both students and staff, that can be tailored to suit the wellbeing needs of schools.

      Dr Paul Shannon, Deputy Principal, St Kevin's College, Melbourne
      Coping in Crisis, Webinar Series
    • David and Nick were brilliant at conducting a workshop that met the needs of my team whilst at the same time the needs of each individual. At the end of the session we walked away knowing our colleagues just that little bit better, and with a tangible result.

      Clare Black
      Clare Black, General Manager, Delta Air Lines, Australia/New Zealand
      Resilience for Teams, Workshops
    • Both David and Nick are well-accomplished presenters, are very clear in their messaging, and show a genuine interest in the wellbeing of the people they are presenting to. I highly recommend Resilience Builders.

      Mark Thomas, Sergeant at Victoria Police, Founder & President at The Code 9 Foundation
      Resilience for Teams - Webinar Series
    • The Resilience Builders Team will, through their seemingly effortlessly delivered program, challenge participants to look within to learn how to demonstrate resilience, building upon life experiences with the addition of a few key techniques (provided by the team) to deal with day-to-day challenges from an improved perspective. This program was fantastic and well organised, a safe space was provided to learn and develop.

      Joe Sollis, Senior Project Engineer at Hutchinson Builders
      Resilience for Teams, Cradle Mountain
    • The positives are immense. It’s made me feel really proud that we’ve done this together, that we’ve had this time. We’ll always remember it.

      Raigan, Parent
      Resilience For Teens, Everest Base Camp
    • I can push through. I can get through stuff even if it seems like I can’t.

      Emily, 14
      Resilience For Teens, Everest Base Camp

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