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What is a discovery session?

A discovery session with our world-class facilitators reveals the nitty gritty of what you’re trying to achieve. The sessions are free and run for about 30 minutes. They help focus our collective efforts on the important stuff.

We’ll listen, ask questions, and deliver a leadership or resilience program proposal for you to consider.

Our resilience programs teach you how to build your resilience so you can manage stress and reduce anxiety, and through our leadership programs we’ll equip you with the skills to cultivate a positive workplace and high performance culture.

Book a free discovery session with David Buttifant or Nick Farr below.

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David Buttifant

David Buttifant

Resilience and high-performance leader, coach to elite AFL and Olympic athletes, and Doctor in Exercise Physiology.

David has conducted leadership and resilience training for thousands of people.

He is considered one of Australia’s most dynamic, committed and knowledgeable facilitators.

Nick Farr

Nick Farr

High-altitude mountain guide, Mt. Everest summiteer and former Victoria Police detective.

Nick’s lived experience in challenging circumstances and environments gives him a unique perspective on leadership and resilience.

His engaging facilitation style helps build immediate connections with those he teaches.