School resilience programs

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Funded resilience training for your school

10 sessions + BONUS follow up session. An intensive, effective and measurable resilience program designed to help your staff cope with any challenge.

– Measurable results
– Learn to make healthy habits stick
– How to stay focused and productive
– Learn resilience techniques that work
– Our most comprehensive series

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Staff wellbeing program

One-day to set your team on the path to resilience and wellbeing.

– Evidence-based resilience techniques
– How to make healthy habits stick
– Expert facilitators
– Open to teachers and staff

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Resilience Program

Two hours of powerful resilience techniques to help your school community..

– Evidence-based resilience techniques
– Expert facilitators
– Open to students, parents and staff
– Effective and cost-effective

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5 or 10-session
Resilience Program

5 or 10 sessions + BONUS follow up session.
In person workshops or live webinars teach students how to cope and thrive under changing circumstances.

– Learn how to cope with change
– Stay productive and focused
– Strategies for good mental health
– Measurable results
– World-class resilience facilitators

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Leader Development
8 sessions

Your staff learn proven leadership and people management techniques from some of Australia’s best facilitators. Choose between webinar or workshop delivery.

– 8 interactive, engaging sessions
– How to have tough conversations
– How to build a thriving culture
– Secrets of high-performing teams
– Taught by leadership experts

Ultimate resilience program
Resilience for Teens - Nepal

Resilience For Teens
Everest Base Camp


The ultimate resilience program for your students. Sure to build confidence, respect and coping skills.

– 100% success and safety record
– Guided by Mt. Everest summiteers
– Learn proven resilience techniques
– Amazing international experience
– Measurable resilience growth


Resilience For Teens

Tailored program duration

More than just a school camp, Resilience For Teens Australia builds the foundations of healthy coping habits.

– Learn proven resilience techniques
– Builds self-confidence
– Positive, caring learning environment
– Expert facilitators
– Impeccable safety record


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Help your students reduce stress and manage anxiety

You know better than anyone the challenges teenage students face.

Resilience training helps them cope and thrive in the face of these challenges. We offer curriculum-ready school resilience programs and training for your students, including workshops, school camps, and international trips.

Your students will learn:

  • Stress management
  • Health and wellbeing strategies
  • Leadership and effective communication
  • Ways to cope with anxiety and build resilience

Want to find out more about how we can help? Arrange a free discovery session to see how we can tailor a program to suit your school.

Our programs equip your students with the resilience needed to weather life's challenges.

How we build resilient students

Resilience helps lessen the impacts of stress, anxiety, and depression and is an essential part of academic and social development. Our school resilience programs work because we ask something of your students. Here are our five ‘must-haves’ for building resilience.


They’ll commit some time and effort in the lead-up to your program. This improves the likelihood of success.


The success of a resilience building activity isn’t guaranteed. This helps your students learn stress management techniques and healthy ways to cope with anxiety.

Perceived risk

Whether it’s physical exertion, emotional vulnerability, or perceived social standing, students have to give something of themselves to prove they can rise to the occasion.

New environment

It’s worth repeating: resilience loves uncertainty. The outdoors has it in spades. Students can learn about resilience indoors. They build resilience outdoors.


No mobile phones, no laptops, no Wi-Fi. Your students will live in the moment.

Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

With an impeccable safety record, we teach students lasting resilience.

Free discovery session.

A discovery session with a world-class facilitator will explore the challenges your students face and figure out the best ways to overcome them as well as choose a location and set of activities that best suit your school. A session runs for about 30 minutes and can be done over the phone, via video conference, or face-to-face.

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