Food in Nepal

food in Nepal

April 10, 2018

What’s the food in Nepal like?

This is a pretty stock standard question for anyone preparing to embark on a program with us in Nepal.

Understandably, some approach the subject of food in Nepal with a nervous trepidation. And avoiding the Kathmandu quickstep and Dehli belly will almost certainly mean a better experience for all! So what are you in for food wise when you sign up for an adventure in Nepal?

We’re here to tell you, don’t be scared. If you’re travelling with a good operator (like Resilience Builders!) the food in Nepal is actually very good. And thoroughly enjoying some of the food on offer should be a highlight of your trip. It’s true the menus you’ll come across won’t feature the usual pub favourites like chicken parmigiana, fish and chips, scotch fillet steak and lamb shanks. No sign of fresh calamari either. In fact, lovers of seafood are going to need to abstain totally from all ocean fare¬†while in the land-locked country of Nepal. Tinned sardines are the exception.

food in Nepal

So if none of that stuff is available what can you expect? When out in the mountains, you’ll always have plenty of options. On all our Everest Base Camp programs, your daily menu will look something like this.

Breakfast: Local breads, pancakes, eggs, porridge, cereals, fruit, tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Lunch: Soup, vegetables, salads, breads, cheese, pasta, tinned meat or fish, potatoes and rice

Dinner: Multi-courses including soup, vegetables, salads, a meat dish (e.g. chicken), traditional Nepali curries, Japanese tempura (yes, you read that correctly!), cakes and desserts

food in Nepal

On our Everest Base Camp programs, we only ever stay in the best mountain lodges. The lodge menus will generally feature every version of eggs, potato, rice and pasta you can imagine. Plenty of soups, breads and homemade cakes for dessert. Sometimes meat will also be available. We recommend you avoid the Yak steaks and Buffalo burgers. There’s no telling what type of meat it actually is! But if chicken is on the menu and you can see chickens roaming around, then the chicken should be fresh. Don’t hesitate to ask about any of the food in Nepal you’re not sure about. All of the Sherpa families preparing our meals are only too happy to answer your questions – and they’ll even let you take a tour of their kitchen!

food in Nepal

Insider tip: Don’t hesitate to ask whoever is preparing your meals for an authentic Nepalese style meal. Nepalese cooks have got very good at “westernising” much of the food they’ll prepare for tourists. This can sometimes result in fairly bland tasting curries, sauces and soups. If chilli, garlic and ginger don’t scare you, now and then be sure to ask for the same meal your guides and porters are being served. You’ll be glad you did.

Super insider tip: Don’t ever take on the Nepalese in a chilli eating contest.