Unprecedented times. Uncertain times. Crazy times.

These are the buzz phrases that have become part of every conversation.

It’s about time we talked about compassion.

We can’t support each other the same way we normally do. In Melbourne, businesses have had to shut their doors (again). All over Australia business has slowed down.

Working from home and the current lock down means our economy is suffering, but our social connectedness is suffering even more.

Let’s change the currency and exchange cash for compassion.

If you can’t enjoy eating Sunday brunch at your local café, leave a great review to build their prospects for when they reopen.

If you’re a service provider with no prospects, find alternatives to cash to transact – a service for a service.

Not in a position to buy your neighbour some extra groceries? How about a hand-written note to check in and let them know you’re thinking of them?

What you offer someone in kindness, support and friendship can replace the dollar transaction you might have made before COVID-19.

And you might just see the favour returned once the shackles are untied and doors reopened.

Cash comes and goes, but kindness is not forgotten.

Dr. David Buttifant is a high-performance coach and founder of Resilience Builders.

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